Okemo, All Come Home by Karen Lorentz, Mountain Publishing

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Powder Keg by Barbara Knickerbocker
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Servants of the Fish, Myron Arms for Upper Access

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Creating and publishing books is also a business

A "book shepherd" is the term used to describe someone who helps authors turn their manuscript into a finished book, guiding their way through the archaic world of publishing.

There are so many ways to publish these days. If you want to become a player, and potentially have national recognition, you need to have a professionally designed book, and you need to have the access to the outlets that bookstores, both online and off, use to sell books.

Avoid Vanity Presses

There is a difference between "vanity" publishers that take anyone's manuscript, whether good or bad, to "publish" using generic templates for design; and the professional publishers that only produce quality books that have a good chance to sell well and get noticed.

We teach you the difference and guide you through the confusion to find the solution that works for you.

Become your own publishing house

Several of RSBPress's clients have chosen to start their own publishing companies to sell their books. The advantage is simple, the author/publisher controls their own book completely, with no middleman. Any royalties or sales come directly to the publisher. Just understand that all the risks are the publisher's as well. However, the risks can be minimal if done correctly.

As your book shepherd, RSBPress can handle the book publishing business for you, taking care of all the little details and keeping your business on track.

RSBPress learned the trade from working with Random House, editing six and ultimately designing five books for their House of Collectibles imprint.