File No. 113

Servants on Horses

           for Distincton Press

Why the Wind Blows

              for Upper Access


We design books

How do you turn your manuscript into a well-crafted book? By knowing the publishing business, what it needs, what sells, what the little nuances are that sell a book.

RSBPress provides the services you need. We understand the business of publishing from the ground up. You provide us with a finished manuscript, we’ll create your book for you—from design, through production and printing if that's what your project requires.

If you prefer someone else to publish your book, and it meets our standards, Distinction Press, an imprint of RSBPress, may be interested in publishing your book for you.

We listen to what you want. We listen to what you need. We design your project—including color, layout, font, background—to your specifications.


Need editing?
Our editor has the years of experience and a proven track record.

Need help with publicity?
Our marketing experts can help you with national, international, and local publicity.

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