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Just Released in time for Valentine's Day!

Words People Love to Hear

A little book of simple verbal recipes for making the people around you feel good


ISBN 978-0-9710356-2-1

$12.95 tradepaper


176 pages


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Paul J. Krupin


How Do You Keep Your Love Alive?

  • It’s what you say when things aren’t going just right.
  • It’s how you demonstrate basic manners, and show respect and consideration.
  • It’s the commitment you show to being helpful, considerate and caring.
  • It’s being able to admit you were wrong, acknowledge your faults and shortcomings, and your own problems.

What else?

Oh yeah, it’s the key to your relationship, your future, your happiness, and maybe even your marriage.


Do you know the Words People Love to Hear?


From Paul's Introduction

This book began as a little guide of personal reminders. I wanted to say the right thing, or at least not say the wrong thing.


After all, I’m not well known for saying the right thing at the right time. In fact, I can usually be counted on for placing my foot in my mouth and producing more wrinkles than smiles. I wanted a handy dandy little guide to help me remember to say the right things.


I decided that my relationships with the people I loved were important, so important that I’d better try to do

something about my tendency to speak in a less than satisfactory manner.


So I started to keep track of the things that when said went over well. After all, if you’re going to do some personal self-improvement, you’ve got to pay attention to the impact you are having on other people.


And if it works, you do more of it. If it doesn’t, stop doing it. It’s just that simple. And of course, the little list of good things I could say grew and grew and grew. I listened to other people and tried out what I learned. If it works well, it’s here.


Turns out there are lots of things you can say that help other people experience a little happiness.

Now you may not agree with all the things that are written here, and they may not fit with your personal style or experience. That’s OK. I’m sure that you could add hundreds more. Send them to me. I collect them!

Some will be more valuable and helpful than others. But one thing is certain. These have all worked at one time or another to help me improve my relationships with the people around me. I’m giving them to you so that they can help you, too.


Paul Krupin



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